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Zia Choudhary a realtor-broker, financial advisor and an IT expert by profession. He holds an MBA in Technology Management and has over thirty years of experience in the corporate sector, serving in prominent positions as manufacturing, marketing and Group IT head in the plastic, leather and auto industry.

Zia migrated to Canada with his wife and two kids and has lived in Scarborough for the past 10 years where he has developed close ties amongst the many diverse communities of our region.

A local volunteer and an advocate of the small business sector, he believes that the small business sector fuels nation’s economy and is the backbone of a thriving workforce.

Zia feels that there is a need for a strong representation in the Federal Government to ensure an active federal participation in affordable housing, transportation and promotion of the small business sector.

Zia also believes in a fair and lawful immigration system that welcomes all Canadians regardless of race, religion, economic standing, education or sexual orientation.

He is an advocate for a strong and a safe community based upon youth empowerment, engagement, and education. Through the Canada Recovery Plan, he will work to secure employment, accountability, mental health and our local and national economy.

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